OhioGuidestone’s Client Telehealth & Electronic Document Portal

Here you will find electronic documents necessary to begin and maintain your services with the Agency. Please click below to access and complete any needed electronic documents. If you have any questions about the utilization of this portal, what document(s) to complete, or any aspects of your Telehealth services, please contact your OhioGuidestone provider.

Virtual Visit through Zoom

Use Zoom to start a virtual visit with your OhioGuidestone provider.  Download and install the Zoom app on your computer, phone, or tablet.  After you have downloaded the app, reach out to your provider to schedule your next session.  Click below to download.

Desktop Windows Download
Android Android Download
iOS iOS Download

You can also join a session with your provider through your web browser by searching for your provider and clicking on their Zoom link.  No download or installation required!

Clients utilizing OhioGuidestone’s Telehealth & Electronic Document Portal consent to the use of electronic signatures. Consent is indicated by checking/marking affirmatively on each individual electronic record in the portal that the client agrees to use electronic records and electronic signatures. This consent applies individually to each electronic record accessed through the portal and is not a broad consent for general use. The electronic signatures shall be the same as a handwritten signature for purposes of validity, enforceability, and admissibility. Clients may opt out of the use of electronic signatures at any time. To opt out of the use of the portal for electronic signatures, or to update contact information, clients shall contact their OhioGuidestone provider who will arrange for documents to be signed manually.
Clients may receive an executed copy of each document by clicking “CLICK HERE TO PRINT” at the bottom of each electronic record before submitting the form. Clients also have the right to receive a copy of their record (in either paper or electronic format) after the form is submitted by sending a request to their OhioGuidestone provider. The regular procedures for releasing client records shall be followed. This electronic disclosure can be viewed in any modern web-browser. For questions related to the Telehealth & Electronic Document Portal at OhioGuidestone, please e-mail Telehealth@OhioGuidestone.org.